▫️What transaction data does xBlock store?

At xBlock, we are committed to handling all user data responsibly, respecting the privacy and security of our users at all times. We have a focused approach toward the storage and management of transaction data, balancing the need for compliance with legal and AML requirements, supporting efficient customer service, enabling the functioning of our Staking Program and while strictly maintaining user privacy.Here's a detailed overview:

Data Storage for Support

  • Duration: Transaction data is retained for 72 hours to assist with customer support activities.

  • Automatic Deletion: After this period, the data is automatically deleted from our platform.

Compliance with AML Requirements

  • Exchange Partner Requirements: We retain transaction data if required to do so by our exchange partners in line with their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies.

  • Law Enforcement Requests: Data may be retained if requested by law enforcement authorities during the 72 hour data retention window.

  • Support Team Access: Our Support Team may retain data until your issue is resolved. Post-resolution, the data is automatically deleted.

User Choice for Immediate Data Deletion

  • Data Deletion Option: Users can delete their transaction data immediately on the Working Our Magic Page.

  • Impact on Your Support: Please note that choosing immediate data deletion can complicate resolving potential support matters.

Staking Program Data Management

  • Data Retention: We retain data associated with your staking wallet address, your Houdini ID, and where you elect to input your Houdini ID to take advantage of benefits associated with the Houdini Swap Staking Program, data related to your transactions, such as size and date.

  • Purpose: The information allows for efficiently managing our Staking Program as well as its optimization through incentivization mechanisms.

Website User Data

  • No Cookies Usage: We do not use cookies to track individual user activity.

  • Aggregated Data: We do retain aggregated user data from our website.

  • Usage of Aggregated Data: This aggregated data is utilized in developing product and marketing strategies but does not personally identify individual users.

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