▫️Is xBlock a crypto mixer?

No, xBlock does not operate as a crypto mixer. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Fundamental Difference from Crypto Mixers

  • Crypto Mixer Function: Crypto mixers typically aggregate crypto in a pool to obscure their origin and destinations, and in so doing operate as a form of financial intermediary. In some jurisdictions, notably the United States, this may mean they warrant regulation.

  • xBlock’s Approach: xBlock is a 100% non-custodial platform. This means that at no point do we take custody of your funds. Each transaction is processed separately, maintaining the distinct identity and path of your funds.

AML Compliance and Security Measures

  • AML Systems with Exchange Partners: All our exchange partners employ real-time Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems. These systems actively monitor transactions and can block those identified as high-risk or linked to illegal activities.

  • Transaction Limits and Restrictions: To further safeguard against misuse, we do not accept transactions exceeding $50,000. Additionally, transactions originating from the Tor network, often associated with illicit activities, are not accepted on our platform.

  • Compliant Systems and Ethical Standards: Our operational model is built on compliant systems and ethical financial practices.

  • User Responsibility: We emphasise the importance of legal and proper use of our platform by our users.

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