▫️What are Semi-Private Transactions?

Semi-private transactions offer a balance of privacy and efficiency. They offer an efficient and moderately private alternative for crypto transfers, particularly useful in scenarios like cross-chain swaps.Here's a concise overview:

Intermediate Privacy

These transactions are not directly traceable with a single transaction hash, providing more privacy than public transactions. However, with enough technical skill and effort, the connection between sender and receiver can be traced.

Transaction Structure

They involve a single exchange, making them simpler than fully private transactions.

Use in Bridging

Commonly used for bridging (cross-chain swaps), where they facilitate efficient movement of cryptocurrencies between different blockchains.

Speed and Cost Advantages

Semi-private transactions are significantly faster, about 10 times quicker than private transactions. They also come with lower fees, approximately 50% less than those of private transactions.

Ideal for Efficiency and Moderate Privacy

These transactions strike a balance between faster transaction speeds, lower costs, and a degree of privacy, making them suitable for users who prioritise efficiency but still require some level of confidentiality.

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