▪️Semi-Private Transactions

Semi-private transactions offer a practical blend of privacy and efficiency. They provide a degree of obscurity compared with standard transactions and the direct traceability of a single transaction hash. However, unlike Private Transactions, they do not use an anonymizing privacy coin and so involve only a single exchange.

The more efficient process results in significantly faster transaction speeds – about 10 times quicker – and substantially lower fees, approximately 50% less than our private transactions. While they are not completely anonymous and can potentially be traced with enough technical expertise, semi-private transactions still enhance privacy compared to regular transactions.

Semi- Private Bridging

Semi-private transactions are an ideal solution for bridging where users may seek a faster, cost-effective transaction with an added layer of privacy.

Bridging, or cross-chain swaps, on Houdini Swap are a simple, secure and cost effective means of transferring funds across blockchains. With our easy to use cross-chain swaps, Houdini Swap users can seamlessly move their assets between every major blockchain network without the technical knowhow and potential vulnerabilities associated with bridging directly.

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